Wherever you are located and whether you want to buy or to get a Revolution into your location we have solutions to provide.
We are present in 18 countries around the world and expanding our footprint every day.

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Revolution not only targets all Self-Service Laundry Segments but also permanently create new ones. Our DNA stands around low installation costs, fast and easy installs. The recurrence of a perfectly scalable business is key to profitability.

Whatever you want to buy for your own use or to operate, our machines have shown great reliability in their profit for all stakeholders.

Become an investor/operator

In case you possess already location or want to place directly your equipment in shops, you can buy directly your Revolution and run it as you like. Your business will generate unique EBITDA, rapid Pay-back and cash revenues.

As operation model has been the core business of Photo-Me. We can assist you to set up your business and share our experience. In this business model, units are stationed in a high footfall location like supermarkets, gas stations, stores, malls, … and the operator place and maintain equipment and cash in revenues. As a counterpart, site owner provide free location for the unit and gets a commission on sales based on revenues to make a profit and cover utility costs. Different variants of operation scheme exist with fixed, variable and hybrid systems. Royalty level depend on the type of effort require by the site owner to do. In some case the equipment is just placed when at the extreme opposite the operator is taking care of all variable costs including maintenance and marketing.

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Plug & Play products

Revolution offers a vast range of laundry equipment with always the same mind-set. We want to make it simple for you. You do not need intensive work and huge investments before starting. It is not necessary to wait for long works and create disturbance. All Revolution equipment can be settled within less than 4 hours in average. Because of this, you can easily relocate your equipment according to seasonal needs for instance.

Application fields

All our washers are soft mounted therefore do not require to be bolted on a concrete base. What you need is just utilities and a flat floor that his just good enough to cater the weight. Because of this you can place our equipment in underground location or elevate it to high floors. Because of this our equipment can be placed in many different locations indoor or outdoor.

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Compact Range

Compact range is made of fully integrated high efficiency washers and dryers. Compact range kiosks are suitable for all outdoor locations even with severe weather conditions (parking lots, gas station, campgrounds, …). Sizes are ranging from 3m² for the Compact S with a 13kg washer and a 18kg dryer up to 10m² for the Compact Box.

There is a closed technical area on the back for service that can also help for storage of additional detergent and softener. A cash system with safe is included and additional payment means can be available.

With Revolution Compact Range, you can differentiate from street laundry with large capacity washers and dryers with fast cycles. It can be open and left unattended 24/7 as it is fully integrated and resistant to vandalism.

Thanks to its different location compared with a street laundry, Revolution Compact provide to its customer easy access and parking including for reduced mobility people.

At last, because of efficient power management, a base Compact needs only 16kW. Electric. Alternatively Gas dryers versions gas be provided on demand

Download Revolution Compact Brochure

Revolution Compact

This is the iconic product. Revolution Compact is the most sold Laundry Kiosk in the world. It is made of 2 washers 8kg and 18kg and an 18kg dryer. It is equipped with a complete payment terminal including all features and a statement of the art screen for enhanced customer experience

Revolution Compact S

The Revolution Compact S offers all features of the Compact range into a smaller footprint. In 3m² you can get a 13kg Washer and 18kg dryer. This model is particularly indicated for small venues or to provide additional capacity to another existing Revolution Compact.

Revolution Compact X

This is the last addition to the Revolution Compact Range. This is high density for a limited foot print. Within a minimal addition in footprint, you can get an additional capacity and nearly double your potential earnings.

Revolution Compact and One

You have a Compact Revolution and would like to add an additional drying capacity, we have the solution for you. Thanks to the Revolution and One model, you can promptly connect a 18kg dryer to your existing Kiosk.

Revolution Compact Box

Revolution offers also a closed version of its Revolution Compact. Revolution Compact box offers the greatest alternative to laundromats with upgraded comfort for your consumers. You can even close it at night. Within 14m² you have a true laundromat but with the DNA of Revolution; Easy to place and easy to operate.

Revolution Compact Box proposes the following additional Features compared to Revolution Compact:

  • Door with magnetic locker (optional RFID door command),
  • Air Conditioning and Solar panels in Option
  • Optional Seating and folding table


Imagine a 20 feet container with a fully functional laundromat in it. This is Revolution Container. This contains 4 washers and 2 dryer, payment system, light and air conditioning.

This is easy to move and locate wherever you like. You can even have Solar panels to run your light and air conditioning if you want to.

If you want to run into a complex environment and you have space, the container is made for you.

Download Revolution Container Brochure
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Twin Range

Revolution Twin S and Twin X are the first two models from Revolution specially engineered for indoor use with 11kg and 12kg capacities. Our R&D team has put together their expertise to create 2 outstanding products with unmatched indoor performance. Those products will bring indoor laundry to a new level with a full set of new feature.

Those can be located anywhere permanently or temporarily. It is suitable for any indoor locations even confined. You do not need to create complex ducts or extraction. Just water in and out to plus, electricity and you can operate.

Within a small foot print, you can have best in class capacity washer and dryer with fast cycles and performance.

Furthermore, for your consumers, Revolution Twin embeds all Revolution DNA with enhanced customer experience and payment systems. It also includes eco-friendly Detergent and optional Softener

With a product easy to move delivering highest ROI level, you are capable to scale and adapt your offer to the demand.

Interested into the Twin Range? Contact us here.

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Revolution Twin S

Revolution Twin S is the entry point with a 11kg Washer and Dryer. As a part of the Twin range, it can be conveniently located in any indoor location even without Air Dryer duct.

Within a minimal foot print, you can have best in class washer and dryer and enjoy fast cycles.

With no hassle you will offer an exciting new additional service increasing customer traffic and the time spent in store. Additionally, you will convert new customers and create loyalty with regular Revolution customer

Discover our Launch Promotion

Download Revolution Twin S Brochure

Revolution Twin X

You have more space and want some additional capacity? Our Revolution Twin X is made for you.

With Revolution Twin X you will get a 11kg Washer and Dryer. Even if bigger than our Twin S, Revolution Twin X can still be conveniently located in any indoor location even without Air Dryer duct.

With additional capacity, then you are set to welcome pillows or Duvet from your customers.

Again, instantly, you will offer an exciting new additional service increasing customer traffic and the time spent in store.

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Revolution Twin Box

You want to create your own space to host some Revolution Twin equipment; we can provide you fully set equipment on demand. Ready to be shipped and ready to operate.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We can build your dream at competitive price like no over.

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How does a Revolution work? Start the video and discover how it is easy and quick to use a Revolution.

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Revolution advanced telemetry features offer you a full visibility on the activity of your equipment. You can see activity and detect problems and even fix them remotely sometimes.

Management App

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Thanks to our management App, all is there and you can take your business to new level of profitability. You can know how often each customer visits and which machines they use. This offers a full CRM too.

Our Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) allows owners to enhance collaboration with existing customers, acquire new customers, regain lost ones and leverage customer analytics to drive more revenue.

You can create campaigns via text, email or in-app messages to improve customer performance. Our CRM makes it easy to grow your business and increase your revenue.

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All our products are prepared to be shipped all other the world. We collaborate with our customer to find the best possible and efficient solution to optimize their shipment in cost and duration.

There is not one single territory we cannot address around the world.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our logistic capabilities.

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Congratulations to our subsidiary Photo-Me Poland for the installation of their very first Revolution Launderette at Kaufland Polska 01-374 Warszawa!

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We want to provide you the best possible reliable equipment and because of this work only with the 2 world leaders in commercial laundry. They provide Revolution equipment built on our specs and we work in close collaboration with their R&D and manufacturing to offer you best reliability and performance.

In Revolution we want to deliver highest performance whilst having a good ecological footprint. To achieve this we use environmentally friendly detergent. We have chosen a highly concentrated eco- friendly detergent that is phosphate-free, colour-free and preservative-free made by our long lasting partnership with Christeyns. The detergent and softener ensure the right dose for each wash and avoid any waste.

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As one of the market leader in vending equipment, we are fully experienced to propose you an agile solution for your payment devices.
Depending on machine type and country, we can propose systems to accept coins or notes, Credit/prepaid cards or mobile phone payments.
We partner with best in class equipment provider such as Ingenico, Verifone, Nayax or Castles to provide you the best payment solution for your environment

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