1Who is Revolution Laundry?
Revolution is the laundry division of KIS / Photo-Me Group. Photo-Me has been founded in 1958 and is based near London. It is renowned for its expertise in the vending industry. For more information, visit “The Group” section.
2I have already a washer at home, why should I use your machine?
Even if you have a machine at home, our Revolution Laundry machines provide you a professional performance none of the domestic washer, nor dryer can achieve. The wash or dry cycle is 30 minutes in average whatever the load or machine size with an exceptional performance. This is to way you can wash the content of 3 suitcases in our 18kg machine in 30 minutes. Can your machine beat this ?
3How can I find the nearest launderette close to me?
You can find it with different ways. You can go on the country page of photo-me.com and use the locator or use the Revolution app.
4Do your laundry accept Credit Card?
Depending on each location we may accept cash, credit card and even mobile payment means.
5How long it takes to make a wash load?
In average, disrespect of the machine size, it takes around 30 minutes to get your wash done.
6How can I have a Revolution close to where I leave?
In case you do not have a launderette nearby, do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form and indicate where would it be appropriate to set it up.
7How long it takes to dry a load?
Depending on the fabrics and load, this may take between 15 and 45 min per load. Do not hesitate to consult our laundry tips to become an expert.
8Do I need to bring my detergent?
No you do not. Revolution embedded high quality eco-friendly professional detergent. Our detergent ensures you get the best result possible while protecting your fabrics at the same time.
9What is your detergent?
We work with one of the global leader of professional detergent
10Can I bring my own detergent?
We do not recommend you bring your own detergent as you cannot disable ours. In this case the excess of detergent may affect the wash result and may damage your clothes.
11There was a problem with the machine can I get a refund?
On each kiosk, there is a label with a local contact number. Alternatively you can use the contact form indicating the location where you had a problem.
12Without attendance my wash or dry loads can be stolen
During the wash cycle, the door cannot be opened. Furthermore you can be notified for free with a SMS when the wash is done in order to go back to the machine. For dryer, it is always a bit preferable to stay nearby to check dryness of your load as it goes quick.
13Can I wash at night?
Most of our locations are 24/7. In some location the parking access will be closed at night.
14Can I park my car nearby the Revolution?
Yes actually you can. Most of our launderettes are located on a parking lot therefore you can park as close as few meter from your kiosk.
15How much cost your service? For how much quantity of linen?
Depending of each country, but in general we will pay 4€ for the washer 8kg, 8€ for the washer 18kg and 2€ for 15min of drying.
16Can I buy a Revolution?
Yes you can, do not hesitate to contact us with the contact form and share your project.
17Do you manufacture your washers?
If we design and engineer our kiosk, we still do not produce washer nor dryer. We do work with the 2 main producers of commercial laundry to ensure high level of performance and quality.
18Why there is only one dryer for two washers in most of locations?
This set up was done to fit a minimal space of 3 parking lots. There are options for additional dryers separate or stacked. In case you feel there is a shortage of dryer capacity, do not hesitate to contact us in order we insert more machines.
19Can I have a customized Kiosk?
Yes we do some. Do not hesitate to contact us and share your project.
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