Can I use the Revolution Laundry by myself?

Our kiosks are designed to be used independently. They are accessible on a self-service basis (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and a technician regularly checks the condition of our machines to ensure optimal service for our users.

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Where are Revolution laundromats designed?
Revolution Laundry kiosks are conceived and designed in France. Their technology is conceived and designed at KIS, the innovation R&D branch of the Photo-Me group based near Grenoble (38) in the French Alps. Over 100 people reflect on and implement our innovative self-service laundry solutions to meet your needs.
How can I be sure that my laundry is washed properly at Revolution Laundry?
The machines (washing machines, dryers) provided in our kiosks are chosen from professional and leading partners in the field. They meet strict specifications to ensure high quality washing and drying for their users.
Where can I find a Revolution laundromat?
Our network of Revolution laundromats is made up of 2,000 kiosks in France and 5,000 in Europe. Revolution laundromats are mainly located on the outskirts of large cities, near shopping centres and large retail outlets (Lidl, Carrefour, Super U…). Revolution Laundry laundromats are usually located outdoors in car parks for easy access. Find your nearest Revolution Laundry here .

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