What is the capacity of the washing machines?

Our laundrettes have 8 kg machines and 18 kg large-capacity machines, ideal for large items such as curtains, duvets, etc. For optimal washing quality, we advise you not to overload the machines beyond the weight indicated on them.

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How long does a wash cycle last?
On average, regardless of the machine, a wash cycle takes about 30 minutes. Our machines offer different temperatures and options that can increase the length of the wash cycle.
What kind of laundry can I wash in a Wash ME Laundrette?
You can wash all types of laundry at our Wash ME (clothes, household linen, duvets, cushions, etc.). Please note that you should follow the recommendations on the labels. Our laundrettes allow you to choose different temperatures depending on the sensitivity of your laundry. It is strictly forbidden to wash and dry your pet accessories.
How much does it cost to wash my clothes at Wash ME?
Prices vary depending on the machine used. The cost of a wash cycle in our laundrettes will cost you between £5.50 (8-9 kg) and £11 (18-20 kg), including detergent. As options, you can opt for pre-wash, softener, disinfectant, disinfectant fabric softener in addition to your regular wash.

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