What is the capacity of the Revolution Laundry dryers?

Our dryers have a capacity of 18 kg, allowing you to dry large quantities of laundry or large items. For optimal drying, we recommend cycles of 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of laundry and its weight.

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How to use the Revolution washing machine?
To use Revolution Laundry washing machine, visit one of our kiosks and follow the instructions on the control screen, above the checkout counter: insert your laundry, choose the time and temperature, pay and that’s all! You can also use our laundromat with the Revolution Laundry smartphone app available on the Google Play store and the Apple Store.
What kind of laundry can I wash in a Revolution Laundromat?
You can wash all types of laundry at our Revolution Laundry (clothes, household linen, duvets, cushions, etc.). Please note that you should follow the recommendations on the labels. Our laundromats allow you to choose different temperatures depending on the sensitivity of your laundry. It is strictly forbidden to wash and dry your pet accessories.
How long does a drying cycle last?
An optimal drying time can vary between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the material and volume of the laundry to be dried. Do not hesitate to consult our laundry tips to become an expert.

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