How long does a wash cycle last?

On average, regardless of the machine, a wash cycle takes about 30 minutes. Our machines offer different temperatures and options that can increase the length of the wash cycle.

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Do I have to wait until the end of the wash cycle?
Once your wash cycle is running at Wash ME, you can go finish up your chores at your leisure. Activate the “SMS Alert” option (free service) to be notified a few minutes before the end of your cycle. You are also free to wait for your wash programme to finish by staying near the laundrette.
How do I collect my laundry at the end of the cycle?
Once the washing is complete, a sound signal indicates that you can retrieve your laundry; simply turn the handle on the door and pull on it to access your laundry.
Can my laundry be stolen if I am not present?
No need to worry, the door cannot be opened during the wash cycle. In addition, you can be notified free of charge by SMS (SMS alert option) a few minutes before the end of the wash cycle so that you can retrieve your laundry at your leisure.

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